Poster session


Poster session

Topic 1: New materials for HVDC cable systems and converter devices

6. Effect of dicumyl peroxide content on DC dielectric performance and mechanical behavior of crosslinked polyethylene-polystyrene composite
by Liang CAO

9. Research on the applicability of a new XLPE material for 500kV HVDC cable operating at 90 ℃
by Li FEI

17. Polymer nanodielectrics with antioxidant grafted nanosilica: the effect of interfaces on DC electrical performance
by Simone Vincenzo SURACI

21. High-performance polypropylene-based insulating material for HVDC cable by styrene-grafting and blending modification
by Shixun HU

Topic 2: Materials (cables and accessories) characterization (electric, physical and chemical)

4. Study of the electrical properties of HVAC EPDM and HVAC silicone rubber under DC constraint
by Maya MOURAD

18. The effect of degassing times on electrical properties of XLPE insulation for 525kV DC submarine cable
by Gong HAWK

29. Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Maximum Power Transfer Capability of HVDC Cables
by Sathyamoorthy DHAYALAN

Topic 3: Physical phenomena associated with interfaces

7. Influence of lubricant on charge transport dynamics in multilayer dielectrics
by Isabella NETT

Topic 4: Space charge measurements (interfaces and materials)

12. Space Charge Measurement of Full-size 23-mm-thick XLPE Cables in Load-cycle Condition
by Shosuke MORITA

22. Observation of Space Charge Accumulation Behavior Under High Speed Voltage Polarity Reversal
by by Naoki KIRKIGAYA

24. Non-intrusive space charge measurement on DC cable using the thermal step method
by Mourad JEBLI

26. Influence of voltage rise rate for DC breakdown test on space charge accumulation characteristics.
by Morikawa KOKI

31. PD Behaviour of XLPE with successive stress of MVAC and MVDC
by Johanna LINKE

Topic 5: Ageing and reliability

8. Experimental Investigation of Influences on the Long-Term Performance of Bedding Materials for Buried Power Cables
by Maximilian SCHMID

11. Life Assessment of the HVDC Converter Transformer Insulation and Cable Insulation under Composite Voltages
by Birender SINGH

16. Review of IEC 62895 regarding electrical type tests on extruded MVDC Cable Systems

28. Qualification Tests for Partial Discharge Instruments to be used for Insulation Condition Monitoring of HVDC Cable Systems

Topic 6: Simulation and digital models

13. Modeling the effect of repetitive voltage transients in HVDC cables: the contribution of polarization mechanisms to the electric field dynamic
by Pasquale CAMBARERI

Topic 7: Transient overvoltage (TOV) studies and models

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Topic 8: Static and dynamic mechanical studies on cable systems

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Topic 9: Emerging HVDC fully insulated transmission systems

1. Development of the first set of ± 535kV DC cable accessories base on SiR for Zhangbei VSC-HVDC Cable System
by Mingyu Zhou