Technical Program


The objective of the symposium Jicable HVDC’21 is to address and discuss the following topics:

1. Conception, design and manufacturing of HVDC cables and accessories: materials, behaviour of the materials under DC voltage, space charge interfaces, conception, manufacturing, emerging technologies such as superconductive cables, GIL, standardization, qualification process, …

2. The insertion of HVDC cable systems in the existing UHV networks: insertion of an HVDC cable system in an existing HVDC network, HVDC cable system inserted in an HVDC overhead line system, interaction of several HVDC networks close to HVAC networks.

3. Electric transient overvoltages affecting the cable systems and converting devices: impact on the design of cable systems and protection devices, coordination between cable system and converter stations

4. European and worldwide projects (onshore and offshore, environmental impacts, solutions for high depth projects, electric hubs, mechanical dynamic behaviour of submarine cables for energy evacuation of the offshore wind turbine platforms, expected powers and voltages, regulation aspects)

5. Laying and repair methods, fault location systems in the HVDC submarine and land cable area

6. Cost-benefit of the HVDC links (including planification cycle, studies, construction, operation, maintenance, real loading flux versus theorical loading flux defined in the original business plan of the project)

7. Prospects of using MVDC cable systems vs HVDC link


The detailed technical program will available in May.