Covid-19 Guidelines


COVID-19 Guidelines 

Dear participants,

Jicable HVDC’21 Symposium is approaching very soon and we hope to be able to get to meet you in Liège this November. We encourage you to come to the BluePoint in Liege so you get the chance to meet and exchange amongst one another.

Although it will be possible to attend Jicable HVDC’21 online for those who cannot travel, we expect a majority of in-person attendees. It creates a much more enriching environment for the participants that will be attending the Symposium.

To ensure your safety and that of other participants, we recommend you to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in the Jicable HVDC’21 Symposium. Otherwise you may have to present a negative Covid test.

Please note that the mask will be mandatory during the whole event. Please remember to follow social distancing measures to protect yourself and others. Each attendee must take care of his/her own health as Jicable HVDC'21 will not accept any responsibility in case of sickness.



If you are not a Belgian resident and you are planning to stay for more than 48 hours in Belgium, please apply the following rules according to the Federal public service website according to the Federal public service website.

1. You must complete thePassenger Locator Form (PLF) within 48 hours before arriving in Belgium, even if you’re vaccinated. The PLF must be completed:

• by all people travelling to Belgium, except:
‐ if they are staying for less than 48 hours in Belgium,
‐ if they are returning to Belgium after a stay abroad of less than 48 hours;
• Are you traveling to Belgium by plane or boat? Then you must always fill in the PLF, even if you are staying in Belgium for less than 48 hours or were abroad for less than 48 hours.
• Are you travelling by train or bus from a country outside the EU or Schengen area? Then you must always fill in the PLF, even if you are staying in Belgium for less than 48 hours or were abroad for less than 48 hours.
• If you have stayed in a very high-risk country for the past 14 days, you need to fill in the PLF at all times, regardless of the length of your stay.

2. Check the colour code of the country you were in and/or whether this country is listed as a very high-risk country.

3. Check which COVID certificate you have at In principle, you have applied for this before you left. There are three types of certificates:

• A vaccination certificate proves that you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You are fully vaccinated 2 weeks after your last vaccination dose and if the vaccine is EMA-certified or Covishield.
• A recovery certificate shows that you have recovered from COVID-19. You have a positive PCR test result no older than 180 days and you no longer need to isolate.
• A test certificate is proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. This test should be less than 72 hours old.

If you live in Belgium, please apply the following rules:


Attendees travelling from EU or EEA countries are recommended to get EU Digital COVID certificate:

• About EU Digital COVID certificate (how to get one): link 
• EU Digital COVID certificate Q&A: link 

Attendees from other (non-EU, non-EEA) countries can also present their COVID certificate that is equivalent to the one used in EU.



General information about COVID-19 in Belgium:

Current measures in Belgium (from September 1st):


We are looking forward welcoming you to Liege!

Jicable HVDC’21 Organizing Committee